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The face of professional speaking is changing. If you have been searching for the formula to get booked and paid as a professional speaker this book is for you.

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Big news! I am excited to announce that I am a featured author in our newest book from Black Speakers Network! Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry. 

Black Speakers Network created the 5M Model for Professional Speaking Success™ which is designed to help speakers develop the essential knowledge and skills need to build a profitable speaking business. 


Speak Up! takes a deep dive into each part of the model which includes:

MISSION  -  Uncover your passion and purpose

MESSAGE -  Refine your presentation skills

MARKETING - Develop strategies to reach your audience

MONETIZE - Generate multiple streams of revenue

MANAGEMENT - Create systems to grow your business


Gain access to the expertise and wisdom of over 30 remarkable co-authors who are current and emerging thought leaders, entrepreneurs and expert speakers dedicated to advancing the mission of Black Speakers Network.

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About My Chapter

My Contributing Chapter "Is Your Network Increasing Your Net Worth? How to Leverage LinkedIn As A Speaker" provide key principles Speakers should use to enhance their Visibility, Credibility & Profitability when using LinkedIn.

Meet My Fellow Authors

Dupé Aleru

Summer Alexander

Crystal I. Berger

Tiffany Bethea

Apryl Beverly

Les Brown

Horace Buddoo

Quinn Conyers

Marshall Fox

Dr. George C. Fraser

Reginald & Hennither Gant

Tierany Griffin

Mwalé & Chantel Henry

Linnita Hosten

Kiaundra Jackson

Mothyna James-Brightful

Krista Jennings

Roquita Johnson

Dr. Will Moreland

Candice Nicole

Brian J. Olds

Altovise Pelzer

Pam Perry

Keisha Reynolds

Shan-Nel Simmons

Kanika Tolver

Cliff Townsend

Danielle Tucker

Layna Ware

DeKesha Williams

LaKesha Womack

Cheryl Wood

Robert T. "YB" Youngblood



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